3 Phase Tank Welder - 2nd Shift

Company Name:
Eaton Corporation
Job Description
Operates arc and mig welding machine, cutting torch, carbon air-arc, power operated nibblers, plasma cutter, grinder and jib crane, assembling 3 phase /Switchmodule tanks with leak proof seams. Operator checks parts against blueprints for proper dimensions and locations. Knows how and uses fixtures and jigs.
1. Checks material specifications, dimensions on shop orders and prints or NCR''s and ECO''s against customer specifications for accuracy.
2. Cuts and trims material using oxygen-acetylene torch, carbon air-arc and plasma when required.
3. Assembles component parts to front plates checking part numbers and locations against blueprints. Splices multiple pieces of material to make up front plate and other tank components.
4. Checks corrugate for the proper size of volutes and cuts to the proper length when necessary.
5. Splices corrugate when necessary providing leak proof seams.
6. Assembles and welds front plate, tank bottom and tank body, including corrugate, providing all leak proof seams.
7. Grinds excess weld from seams, edges and gasket seats to improve the fit of parts. Scrapes and wipes down unit to ensure it meets applicable customer requirements.
8. Sets tank on conveyor line, stamping with employee identification number.
9. Attaches shop order to unit with initials signed on it.
10. Operates jib and bridge crane, manual and electric lift trucks to move and position heavy parts and assemblies.
11. Organizes and does the work according to the daily release system.
12. Assists co-workers with the assembling and tipping of large units when necessary.
13. Uses carbon air-arc and plasma arc equipment when required.
Assembles and welds 3 Phase/Switchmodule tanks. Checks materials that are to be used against prints for accuracy. Cuts corrugate with power operated nibblers and splices with the mig welder performing leak proof seams. The sequence of work is determined according to the daily release system. Layout is required on each assembly to meet blueprint specifications. Welder works from basic prints, shop orders, computer read-outs and written instructions. When instructions are not complete, the welder is to use his judgement, or ask for assistance from the Unit Supervisor. Must have good hand and eye coordination to perform uniform and leak proof welds. Welder works in all positions: standing, kneeling, squatting, and bending. Some parts are heavy and require mechanical and powered devices to lift, position, and move them. Welder is subject to smoke, fumes, flash burns, cuts, and burns to hands and body.
Basic Qualifications (Including Educational Requirements)
HS Diploma or GED from an accredited institution.
One year Technical School diploma in mig and arc welding or equivalent experience.
Successfully complete Cooper Power Systems weld test.
Legally authorized to work in the United States without company sponsorship
No relocation is being offered for this position. Only candidates within a 50-mile radius of Waukesha, WI will be considered
Req Number: 72372BR
Division: ESSG - Cooper Power Systems Division
Function: Manufacturing

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